Glenn Kiekens (PhD)

Education: Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology, Doctor of Biomedical Sciences, Master of Science in Statistics, Master of Science in Clinical Psychology (licensed clinical psychologist)

Curriculum vitae

Welcome to my personal website!  

I am a developmental and clinical research psychologist. My primary focus is on advancing scientific knowledge about why (non-suicidal) self-injurious thoughts and behaviors (e.g., cutting, hitting oneself) emerge and how to timely predict and prevent their occurrence. More broadly, I am interested in mental health research among adolescents and emerging adults and the implementation of digital tools in mental health care. My research makes use of a range of complementary methodological approaches (e.g., epidemiological surveys, clinic-based studies, and real-time monitoring).

On this website (which is truly a work in progress), you can find more information about my research interests, past and current work (more coming soon).

I am currently affiliated with KU Leuven (Belgium) as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow (FWO funded) at the Research Group of Clinical Psychology and the Center of Contextual Psychiatry. Please contact me if you would be interested in collaborating in any areas that overlap with my interests.

What's new?

  • Generation M the story of my life (aflevering over zelfverwonding)
  • Recent publications 
    • Kiekens, G., Claes, L., Hasking, P., Mortier, P., Bootsma, E., Boyes, M., Myin-Germeys, I., Demyttenaere, K., Cuijpers, P., Kessler, R.C., Nock, M.K., Bruffaerts, R. (2022). A longitudinal investigation of non-suicidal self-injury persistence patterns, risk factors, and clinical outcomes during the college period. Psychological Medicine. Advance online publication: 
    • Kiekens, G., Robinson, K., Tatnell, R., & Kirtley, O. (2021). Opening the 'Black Box' of Daily Life in Non-Suicidal Self-Injury Research: With Great Opportunity Comes Great Responsibility. JMIR Mental Health
    • Kiekens, G., Hasking, P., Bruffaerts, R., Alonso, J., Auerbach, R. P., Bantjes, J., Benjet, C., Boyes, M., Chiu, W. T., Claes, L., Cuijpers, P., Ebert, D. D., Mak. A., Mortier, P., O'Neill, S., Sampson, N. A., Stein, D., Vilagut, G., Nock, M. K., & Kessler, R. C. (2021). Non-suicidal self-injury among first-year college students and its association with mental disorders: Results from the World Mental Health International College Student (WMH-ICS) Initiative. Psychological Medicine. Advance online publication: