Education: Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology, Doctor of Biomedical Sciences, Master of Science in Statistics, Master of Science in Clinical Psychology (licensed clinical psychologist)

Welcome to my personal website!  

I am a developmental and clinical research psychologist. My primary focus is on advancing scientific knowledge about why (non-suicidal) self-injurious thoughts and behaviors (e.g., cutting, hitting oneself) emerge and how to timely predict and prevent their occurrence. More broadly, I am interested in mental health research among adolescents and emerging adults and the implementation of digital tools in mental health care. My research makes use of a range of complementary methodological approaches (e.g., epidemiological surveys, clinic-based studies, and real-time monitoring).

On this website (which is truly a work in progress), you can find more information about my research interests, past and current work.

I am currently affiliated with Tilburg University (The Netherlands) as an Assistant Professor in Clinical Psychology and as a Senior Research Fellow (FWO funded) with KU Leuven (Belgium). Please contact me if you would be interested in collaborating in any areas that overlap with my interests.

What's new?

  • DAILY-PROJECT: An Ecological Momentary Assessment study among treatment-seeking individuals
  • Recent publications: 
    • Kiekens, G., Claes, L., Schoefs, S., Kemme, N. D. F., Luyckx, K., Kleiman, E., Nock, M. K., & Myin-Germeys, I. Research protocol of the Detection of Acute rIsk of seLf-injurY (DAILY) Project: An ecological momentary assessment study among treatment-seeking individuals (2023). JMIR Research Protocols. 
    • Kiekens, G., Hasking, P., Nock, M., Kleiman, E., Kirtley, O. J., Houben, M., Boyes, M., Bruffaerts, R., & Myin-Germeys, I., & Claes, L. A Comparison of Affective-Cognitive Dynamics in Daily Life Between Emerging Adults with and without Past-Year Non-Suicidal Self-Injury (in press).
    • Kiekens, G., Claes, L., Hasking, P., Mortier, P., Bootsma, E., Boyes, M., Myin-Germeys, I., Demyttenaere, K., Cuijpers, P., Kessler, R.C., Nock, M.K., Bruffaerts, R. (2023). A longitudinal investigation of non-suicidal self-injury persistence patterns, risk factors, and clinical outcomes during the college period. Psychological Medicine. Advance online publication: