Project description

Despite increased understanding of developmental predictors that explain who is at risk of NSSI, we have very little insight into momentary predictors that explain when people are at acute risk of NSSI thoughts, urges, and behavour in daily life. Using the experience sampling method in a high-risk sample of individuals who report frequent NSSI, the DAILY project (i.e., Detect Acute risk of seLf-injurY) aims to advance science by (1) improving the detection of the transition from NSSI thoughts, urges, and behaviour, (2) clarifying determinants of the transition from NSSI thoughts and urges to behaviour, and (3) identifying who is at risk for frequent NSSI and suicidal behaviour within the following months. Providing answers to these clinically relevant questions will offer meaningful information to help guide the development of personalized interventions in the treatment of individuals who self-injure.

Collaborative Investigators 

Prof. Dr. Inez Myin-Germeys (CCP, KU Leuven), Prof. Dr. Laurence Claes (Clinical Psychology, KU Leuven), Prof. Dr. Matthew Nock (Harvard University), Prof. Dr. Evan Kleiman (Rutgers University)


m-Path (App) & Imec (Smartwatch)


Postdoctoral Fellowship from Research Foundation Flanders to Glenn Kiekens (FWO 12ZZM21N, 2020-2023)